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The Great Big Green Week

The Climate Coalition

The first Great Big Green Week took place between 18 – 26 September 2021, and was the largest event for climate and nature ever seen in the UK. Over 5000 events celebrated how communities are taking action to tackle climate change, protect green spaces, and encouraged others to get involved too. I lead on all of the social content and graphic design throughout the campaign and am now working on the 2022 campaign. I have evolved the usage of the existing brand to create a varied but recognisable style that can be used to build a scene or narrative when needed.

Social graphics

I designed a range of high impact graphics, suited to the target audience, available in both English and Welsh.


This is one of a range of bold graphics, designed to catch they eye and highlight key moments in the campaign.

Supplying a wide range of graphics for each piece of messaging was important to secure channel space and buy-in from the huge range of coalition members. 

instagram reels

I created these three reels with user-generated content. They each highlight different aspects of the Great Big Green Week using trending tracks and formats. These reels all received high numbers of views (20 to 25% of follower number) and engagements (around 4% of viewers engaging)

gif stickers


Poster templates

Transition Town Whitby Poster.png

As part of the community organiser's comms pack I designed customisable event posters that were available on Canva. Translating my design into Canvas meant that groups with no design expertise or access to software could produce high quality posters to promote their event. This helped to make Great Big Green Week more accessible to many more communities and helped more people to feel included in the knowledge we were trying our best to meet their needs. I designed one day-time and one night-time poster which were available in social media and print formats.


A-z and org guide mockup.png
Organisers Guide Ipad mockup.png

I have designed lots of documents while at The Climate Coalition, including community resources for the public. These can be quite long, information heavy documents so making sure they were visually appealing throughout was really important. I designed eye catching front covers and easy to read page layouts for all resources. 


Great Big Green Week reached 51 million social users across the week and around 200,000 engagements with #GreatBigGreenWeek.​ 885 pieces of news coverage were generated, including 35 national news pieces, in its first year. 5000 events were held by communities across the UK with 45% of organisers having never organised a climate related event before. This campaign reached and engaged new audiences who took meaningful action on climate, with 81% saying they would organise a climate event again. 

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