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Hall Hunter

Pink Sky Design

This project involved the branding, design and build of a microsite for British Strawberry producers Hall Hunter that was linked to QR codes on their Strawberry punnets in Tesco. I designed a logo, brand identity, character, illustrations and web layout and functionality. I produced activity sheets for kids and recipe cards.

Hall Hunter-05.png
Hall Hunter-06-01.png

The microsite logo had to be able to sit alongside the Hall Hunter logo, stand alone and appeal to Children and Parents. The site itself was designed around a simple strip layout with buttons and a menu bar linking to pages and downloads.

Hall Hunter-02.png
Hall Hunter-04.png
Hall Hunter-01.png

Recipe cards and activity sheets are easy to follow, can all be printed or viewed digitally and are suitable for the target age groups/demographics. Hall hunter wanted things that kids could use on their own with little guidance from parents as well as things they could do together so we provided a range of difficulties and complexities so that everyone can get involved.

Hall Hunter-03.png
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