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Social media content

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Some of the content I created during my role as Social Media Coordinator at Kew Gardens, including Instagram Reels which I shot, edited, selected audio for and wrote captions for. Examples of my photography work can be found further down this page.

Instagram reels

Pip and Pop exhibition Reel.

304k views, 15.5k likes, 1.2k saves.

Jade Vine blooming in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. 

215k views, 18.8k likes, 800 saves.

Before and after in the Waterlily House.

195k views, 14.4k likes, 300 saves.

Edible flowers Reel in collaboration with an external expert.

114k views, 3.8k likes, 700 saves.

A piece to camera with Anila Quayyum Agha - the artist behind All the Flowers are for Me.

75.6k views, 1.7k likes, 82 saves.

An interview with two of Kew's volunteers for Valentines' Day.

85.4k views, 3k likes, 56 saves.

Wes Anderson inspired Reel following a trend that started on TikTok.

138k views, 6k likes, 200 saves.

Showcasing the beautiful frosty mornings in the Gardens. 

99.8k views, 8k likes, 160 saves.

Top wintery photography spots at Kew.

89.4k views, 3.4k likes, 200 saves.

Carousel graphics

Informative carousel created for Bees Needs Week in line with existing content and brand guidelines.

97k impressions, 5.5k engagements.


Carousel of photos of Bumble Bees enjoying the geraniums in the Agius Evolution Garden.

64.8k impressions, 7.3k engagements.

An array of iris flowers in an Instagram carousel.

102k impressions, 9.7k engagements.

A carousel of cherry blossoms photographed in early spring. 

421k impressions, 15.3k engagements.

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