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Show the love 2022

Campaign Brand Design and Content Creation
The Climate Coalition

Show the Love is a national UK campaign that brings thousands of people across the country together as they craft, create and show their support for climate action to politicians. I created a visual identity and produced social media graphics as well as a printed community action pack for groups such as the Women's Institute. The Climate Coalition's following on social media grew significantly during this campaign and these graphics were incredibly popular with member organisations including The Wildlife Trust, WWF and Kew Gardens. The campaign reached over 2 million people organically on twitter alone.   

Social graphics

Project management: animation

I project managed this animation from concept through to delivery, leading on art direction and branding.

It was produced by Working Progress Studio and Glimpse.

document design

The Community Action pack features a craft designed and written by Patrick Grant as well as community focused content. I designed all of the graphics for this document as well as the layout, ensuring everything was print ready and fit for purpose.

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