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The Climate Carton

Illustrative Branding and Packaging Project

This project was shortlisted and received a judges 

commendation in the Creative Conscience Awards 2020


The climate crisis is here, but many people feel disenfranchised when it comes to taking action. Many concerned parents, overwhelmed by information, are seeking a way to contribute to a better future for their children. The solution lies in collective action and community empowerment.

Enter the Climate Carton: designed for kids aged 7-10 and their parents, distributed through schools across the UK. This initiative offers actionable, simple steps for a sustainable lifestyle, blending engaging activities for both kids and adults within and beyond the home.

Portfolio Image-02-02.png


Children and parents learn sustainable practices together, extending their impact beyond the home. By engaging both groups, opportunities for positive multi-generational change grow. School engagement facilitates wide-reaching impact across the UK. Parents seek concise, post-bedtime information that fits their schedules. All activities and materials in the carton align with busy family life. Crafted from tetrapak, the carton is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and waterproof. Its floral design makes it a charming windowsill planter, enhancing kids' understanding of homegrown food.



Parent of two, ages 7 and 10, working full time. They occasionally pick up their kids from school, otherwise using after-school care or family/friends. Suburban residents, they attend weekend swimming lessons and do weekly grocery shopping. They aim for daily family meals but sometimes rely on frozen options due to time constraints. Evenings are spent with kids, watching TV or Netflix, favoring shows like X Factor, Peaky Blinders, etc. Moderate social media use, mostly Facebook. Housework is a bit challenging but they take pride when guests visit. Socialising has shifted to kids' activities and playdates. Family-oriented, enjoying cinema and family outings like biking, picnics, museum visits.

They value staying informed and want their children to be too. Concerned about the environment and climate crisis, they seek immediate action but often don't know where to start or where to invest their time. Started eco-friendly practices—recycling, energy-efficient bulbs, cutting single-use plastics. Eager for more changes but overwhelmed by info overload on sustainable living.


Child age 10. At this stage, school plays a pivotal role in their learning. Synergy between school and home fosters well-rounded growth at this age. Sending a school-initiated pack home reinforces this dynamic, combining teacher-led instruction, parental guidance, and independent learning through guided activities and age-appropriate information.

As they grow, external influences shape their interests, leading to curiosity about life and the world. Diverse hobbies and wide-ranging interests call for a project that appeals universally, being gender-neutral and accommodating varied backgrounds.

Carton Mockup 20.png

colour palette, custom font & logo

The two-part brand defines which contents are intended for parent and which for child. The illustration style has been designed to work for both audiences, with buildable elements designed to give flexibility in layout. The custom climate carton font was designed specifically for the project - it’s fun, playful, easy to read and age appropriate. It also works well for the adult audience, looking more sophisticated in the adult colour palette. 

Portfolio brand spread-01.png

Climate carton challenges BOOK

The grown up stuff BOOK

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